Among all the global content delivery networks (CDNs) most people tend to settle down on a particular CDN. That CDN is none other than the one which almost all of us have come across while trying download something from the internet, cloudlfalre. But why is cloudflare preffered by most? What is it that makes cloudflare better than it’s competition? Let’s discuss in the article below.

Cloudflare makes a highly available global content delivery network. It has many built-in security features that help us avoid any possible DDoS attacks. The combination of performance enhancing content delivery with integrated security features aims to provide a fast and reliable customer experience.

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This secure CDN includes dashboards that allows its users to control features, gain insights into domain security and cache analytics, manage accounts and configure settings from any device.

Cloudflare is available for free or under three different monthly subscription plans that vary according to security features and cutomizaton capabilities.

Cloudflare uses it’s Anycast network to reduce latency and guarantee that the content is delivered to the customer without any delay. The Anycast network is spread across hundreds of cities and supports tens of millions of internet network properties. Cloudflare uses upto the second latency information and packet lost data from it’s vast anycast network to route traffic around areas of congestion and data center altitude. Every data center in cloudflare network can load, balance traffic and conduct health checks every few seconds. So, when unexpected traffics overload servers the load balancing routes requests to other near by data centers to cope up with it.

 Cloudflare works with on-premesis servers hybrid cloud and multi cloud infra-structures.

The security features that prevent attacks from blocking user access to websites and applications without compromising the site’s speed and availability are critical factors of the cloudflare package.

In addition to identifying the quickest paths for traffic, the Anycast network can also detect and mitigate attacks on the network.

The web application’s firewall that is included with cloudflare is delivered through every data center in their network to provide upto the second data on the latest attacks that take place. The preventive actions taken based on this information propagate world wide under 30 seconds to secure all web property on the network from any of the attacks that might happen while maintaining low latency for data delivery.

We also have the ability to create our own rules, independently analyse attacks and generate reports based on that activity through centralised coudflare dashboard.

Cloudflare is a top-rated solution to online secured data delivery, but there are still some pros and cons of using this devine looking online data delivery system. Cloudflare has proven itself as reliable, fast and secure content delivery network but it is also very simple. It’s installation and deployment are pretty easy and it’s centralised dashboard for both individuals and teams provides a wholistic picture of your site’s performance and security in a single view.

The only downside there is in using cloudflare is that there are limitations to it’s accessibilty to free users who do not take one of their subscriptions. It still does order high speeds but we cannot use a custom SSL for our domain and maximum file upload limit is 100mb.

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